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video_core: Implement an arm64 shader-jit backend (#7002)
* externals: Add oaksim submodule

Used for emitting ARM64 assembly

* common: Implement aarch64 ABI

Utilize oaknut to implement a stack frame.

* tests: Allow shader-jit tests for x64 and a64

Run the shader-jit tests for both x86_64 and arm64 targets

* video_core: Initialize arm64 shader-jit backend

Passes all current unit tests!

* shader_jit_a64: protect/unprotect memory when jit-ing

Required on MacOS. Memory needs to be fully unprotected and then
re-protected when writing or there will be memory access errors on

* shader_jit_a64: Fix ARM64-Imm overflow

These conditionals were throwing exceptions since the immediate values
were overflowing the available space in the `EOR` instructions. Instead
they are generated from `MOV` and then `EOR`-ed after.

* shader_jit_a64: Fix Geometry shader conditional

* shader_jit_a64: Replace `ADRL` with `MOVP2R`

Fixes some immediate-generation exceptions.

* common/aarch64: Fix CallFarFunction

* shader_jit_a64: Optimize `SantitizedMul`

Co-authored-by: merryhime <>

* shader_jit_a64: Fix address register offset behavior

Based on
Passes unit tests.

* shader_jit_a64: Fix `RET` address offset

A64 stack is 16-byte aligned rather than 8. So a direct port of the x64
code won't work. Fixes weird branches into invalid memory for any
shaders with subroutines.

* shader_jit_a64: Increase max program size

Tuned for A64 program size.

* shader_jit_a64: Use `UBFX` for extracting loop-state

Co-authored-by: JosJuice <>

* shader_jit_a64: Optimize `SUB+CMP` to `SUBS`

Co-authored-by: JosJuice <>

* shader_jit_a64: Optimize `CMP+B` to `CBNZ`

Co-authored-by: JosJuice <>

* shader_jit_a64: Use `FMOV` for `ONE` vector

Co-authored-by: JosJuice <>

* shader_jit_a64: Remove x86-specific documentation

* shader_jit_a64: Use `UBFX` to extract exponent

Co-authored-by: JosJuice <>

* shader_jit_a64: Remove redundant MIN/MAX `SRC2`-NaN check

Special handling only needs to check SRC1 for NaN, not SRC2.
It would work as follows in the four possible cases:

No NaN: No special handling needed.
Only SRC1 is NaN: The special handling is triggered because SRC1 is NaN, and SRC2 is picked.
Only SRC2 is NaN: FMAX automatically picks SRC2 because it always picks the NaN if there is one.
Both SRC1 and SRC2 are NaN: The special handling is triggered because SRC1 is NaN, and SRC2 is picked.

Co-authored-by: JosJuice <>

* shader_jit/tests:: Add catch-stringifier for vec2f/vec3f

* shader_jit/tests: Add Dest Mask unit test

* shader_jit_a64: Fix Dest-Mask `BSL` operand order

Passes the dest-mask unit tests now.

* shader_jit_a64: Use `MOVI` for DestEnable mask

Accelerate certain cases of masking with MOVI as well

Co-authored-by: JosJuice <>

* shader_jit/tests: Add source-swizzle unit test

This is not expansive. Generating all `4^4` cases seems to make Catch2
crash. So I've added some component-masking(non-reordering) tests based
on the Dest-Mask unit-test and some additional ones to test
broadcasts/splats and component re-ordering.

* shader_jit_a64: Fix swizzle index generation

This was still generating `SHUFPS` indices and not the ones that we wanted for the `TBL` instruction. Passes all unit tests now.

* shader_jit/tests: Add `ShaderSetup` constructor to `ShaderTest`

Rather than using the direct output of `CompileShaderSetup` allow a
`ShaderSetup` object to be passed in directly.  This enabled the ability
emit assembly that is not directly supported by nihstro.

* shader_jit/tests: Add `CALL` unit-test

Tests nested `CALL` instructions to eventually reach an `EX2`

EX2 is picked in particular since it is implemented as an even deeper
dispatch and ensures subroutines are properly implemented between `CALL`
instructions and implementation-calls.

* shader_jit_a64: Fix nested `BL` subroutines

`lr` was getting writen over by nested calls to `BL`, causing undefined
behavior with mixtures of `CALL`, `EX2`, and `LG2` instructions.

Each usage of `BL` is now protected with a stach push/pop to preserve
and restore teh `lr` register to allow nested subroutines to work

* shader_jit/tests: Allocate generated tests on heap

Each of these generated shader-test objects were causing the stack to
overflow.  Allocate each of the generated tests on the heap and use
unique_ptr so they only exist within the life-time of the `REQUIRE`

* shader_jit_a64: Preserve `lr` register from external function calls

`EMIT` makes an external function call, and should be preserving `lr`

* shader_jit/tests: Add `MAD` unit-test

The Inline Asm version requires an upstream fix:

Instead, the program code is manually configured and added.

* shader_jit/tests: Fix uninitialized instructions

These `union`-type instruction-types were uninitialized, causing tests
to indeterminantly fail at times.

* shader_jit_a64: Remove unneeded `MOV`

Residue from the direct-port of x64 code.

* shader_jit_a64: Use `std::array` for `instr_table`

Add some type-safety and const-correctness around this type as well.

* shader_jit_a64: Avoid c-style offset casting

Add some more const-correctness to this function as well.

* video_core: Add arch preprocessor comments

* common/aarch64: Use X16 as the veneer register

* shader_jit/tests: Add uniform reading unit-test

Particularly to ensure that addresses are being properly truncated

* common/aarch64: Use `X0` as `ABI_RETURN`

`X8` is used as the indirect return result value in the case that the
result is bigger than 128-bits. Principally `X0` is the general-case
return register though.

* common/aarch64: Add veneer register note

`LR` is generally overwritten by `BLR` anyways, and would also be a safe
veneer to utilize for far-calls.

* shader_jit_a64: Remove unneeded scratch register from `SanitizedMul`

* shader_jit_a64: Fix CALLU condition

Should be `EQ` not `NE`. Fixes the regression on Kid Icarus.
No known regressions anymore!


Co-authored-by: merryhime <>
Co-authored-by: JosJuice <>
2023-11-05 21:40:31 +01:00

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