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Steve Campbell 8130241a11 Add resources/ssl/custom.pem to .gitignore
When arcanist connects to a phorge site which uses an SSL certificate signed by a local CA, then the client needs to have a resources/ssl/custom.pem file as per resources/ssl/README

As this is client specific it should be in the .gitignore file.

Also update resources/ssl/README to replace [Pp]habricator with [Pp]horge.

Test Plan:
touch resources/ssl/custom.pem
git status
The 'git status' should show no changes.

Reviewers: O1 Blessed Committers, valerio.bozzolan

Reviewed By: O1 Blessed Committers, valerio.bozzolan

Subscribers: speck, tobiaswiese, valerio.bozzolan, Matthew, Cigaryno

Differential Revision: https://we.phorge.it/D25304
2023-06-21 19:56:55 +01:00

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# NOTE: Thinking about adding files created by your operating system, IDE,
# or text editor here? Don't! Add them to your per-user .gitignore instead.
# Diviner
# libphutil
# User extensions
## NOTE: Don't .gitignore these files! Even though they're build artifacts, we
## want to check them in so users can build xhpast without flex/bison.
# /support/xhpast/parser.yacc.cpp
# /support/xhpast/parser.yacc.hpp
# /support/xhpast/scanner.lex.cpp
# /support/xhpast/scanner.lex.hpp
# This is an OS X build artifact.
# Generated shell completion rulesets.
# Python extension compiled files.