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INSTALL: Document arguments of --enable-symbol-versions.

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@ -561,10 +561,45 @@ XZ Utils Installation
sandboxing. If no Landlock support
is found, configure will give an error.
Use symbol versioning for liblzma. This is enabled by
default on GNU/Linux, other GNU-based systems, and
Use symbol versioning for liblzma shared library.
This is enabled by default on GNU/Linux (glibc only),
other GNU-based systems, and FreeBSD.
Symbol versioning is never used for static liblzma. This
option is ignored when not building a shared library.
Supported VARIANTs:
no Disable symbol versioning. This is the
same as using --disable-symbol-versions.
auto Autodetect between "no", "linux",
and "generic".
yes Autodetect between "linux" and
"generic". This forces symbol
versioning to be used when
building a shared library.
generic Generic version is the default for
FreeBSD and GNU/Linux on MicroBlaze.
This is also used on GNU/Linux when
building with NVIDIA HPC Compiler
because the compiler doesn't support
the features required for the "linux"
variant below.
linux Special version for GNU/Linux (glibc
only). This adds a few extra symbol
versions for compatibility with binaries
that have been linked against a liblzma
version that has been patched with
"xz-5.2.2-compat-libs.patch" from
RHEL/CentOS 7. That patch was used
by some build tools outside of
RHEL/CentOS 7 too.
This enables the assert() macro and possibly some other