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@ -16,13 +16,7 @@ the chance that the exploit will be used before a patch is released.
You may submit a report by emailing us at
[xz@tukaani.org](mailto:xz@tukaani.org), or through
[Security Advisories](https://github.com/tukaani-project/xz/security/advisories/new).
While both options are available, we prefer email. In any case, please
provide a clear description of the vulnerability including:
- Affected versions of XZ Utils
- Estimated severity (low, moderate, high, critical)
- Steps to recreate the vulnerability
- All relevant files (core dumps, build logs, input files, etc.)
While both options are available, we prefer email.
This project is maintained by a team of volunteers on a reasonable-effort
basis. As such, please give us 90 days to work on a fix before