11 Keys
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Keys are required for decrypting most of the file formats used by the Nintendo Switch.

Keysets are stored as text files. These 2 filenames are automatically read:

  • prod.keys - Contains common keys used by all Nintendo Switch devices.
  • title.keys - Contains game-specific keys.

Ryujinx will first look for keys in C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Ryujinx\system, \portable\system on a portable install or ~/.var/app/org.ryujinx.Ryujinx/config/Ryujinx/system/on the flatpak version. To access this directory, go to File > Open Ryujinx folder, then click on system. If Ryujinx doesn't find any keys in those folders, it will look in $HOME\.switch.

To dump your prod.keys and title.keys please follow these steps.

  1. First off learn how to boot into RCM mode and inject payloads if you haven't already.
  2. Make sure you have an SD card with the latest release of Atmosphere inserted into your Nintendo Switch.
  3. Download the latest release of Picklock_RCM/Lockpick_RCM.
  4. Boot into RCM mode.
  5. Inject the Picklock_RCM/Lockpick_RCM.bin that you have downloaded at Step 3. using your preferred payload injector. We recommend TegraRCMGUI as it is easy to use and has a decent feature set.
  6. Using the Vol+/- buttons to navigate and the Power button to select, select Dump from SysNAND | Key generation: X ("X" depends on your Nintendo Switch's firmware version).
  7. The dumping process may take a while depending on how many titles you have installed.
  8. After its completion, press any button to return to the main menu of Picklock_RCM/Lockpick_RCM.
  9. Navigate to and select Power off if you have an SD card reader. Or you could Navigate and select Reboot (RCM) if you want to mount your SD card using TegraRCMGUI > Tools > Memloader V3 > MMC - SD Card.
  10. You can find your keys in sd:/switch/prod.keys and sd:/switch/title.keys respectively.
  11. Copy these files and paste them in your Ryujinx system folder. And you're done!

Title keys

These are only used for games that are not dumped from cartridges but from games downloaded from the Nintendo eShop. These are also only used if the eShop dump does not have a ticket. If the game does have a ticket, Ryujinx will read the key directly from that ticket.

Title keys are stored in the format rights_id = key.

For example:

01000000000100000000000000000003 = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
01000000000108000000000000000003 = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
01000000000108000000000000000004 = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Prod keys

These are typically used to decrypt system files and encrypted game files. These keys get changed in about every major system update, so make sure to keep your keys up-to-date if you want to play newer games!