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Summary: Improve the README giving an overview of the project and why it was needed. Also add the MIT licence since we are going to open source the plugin and credit the orginal author the Harbormaster files we are using. Also updated the TeamCity build definition to include build number in the plugin output file.

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Packaged locally to verify the version number is included in the plugin zip.
Other changes were text in the README and LICENCE

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Connecting Phabricator and TeamCity to run builds with changes from code reviews and report the results.


There are two plugins that work hand-in-hand to enable TeamCity builds with changes from a Phabricator code review. If you are unfamiliar to Phabricator and their terminologies see the Background section below for an overview.

Harbormaster-Teamcity-Plugin: An extension to Phabricator to enable triggering of builds within TeamCity using Harbormaster.

Teamcity-Phabricator-Plugin: A TeamCity plugin that patches in changes from a Phabricator code review and reports the build status back to Phabricator.

Background - Phabricator Workflow & Terminology

The Phabricator Software Development Suite has the ability for code review, CI & CD along side numerous other development tools.

Phabricator code reviews are called Differential Revisions. Phabricator differs to other code review workflows because they are pre-commit reviews and therefore the changes that are getting peer reviewed are not in version control. This gives Phabricator a write, review, then merge workflow, which is different than most pull-request methodologies such as GitHub. In this workflow our code changes are managed by Phabricator and are not in version control during the code review process for us to build with CI.

To trigger a Differential Revision (code review) a command line tool called Arcanist is used. This tool handles the interaction with Phabricator to request, update and merge code reviews. An example of putting code up for review would be running Arcanist like: arc diff. This would essentially mimic pushing a feature branch and creating a PR. If another developer wanted to pull down a copy of the changes to review in-depth they would also use Arcanist to patch in the changes: arc patch <Differential ID>.

When a Differential Revision is created, Phabricator has the ability to to trigger CI "builds" with the changes, this feature is called Harbormaster. These Harbormaster builds usually trigger other build systems which report back the results, one of the in-built triggers is for Jenkins. There is no inbuilt trigger for TeamCity.

Why TeamCity Phabricator Plugins

As outlined above, Phabricator does not have a default trigger for TeamCity. To add a TeamCity trigger we have extended Harbormaster with Harbormaster-Teamcity-Plugin which adds the relevant files to communicate with TeamCity to run build configurations. The plugin also sends additional information to TeamCity for the partner plugin to use when reporting the result back to Phabricator.

Since code review changes are not in version control we cannot rely on TeamCity to patch in the changes using Git. We needed to create a plugin that listened and identified builds triggered by Harbormaster-Teamcity-Plugin and then utilise Arcanist to patch in the exact changes that need to be built before reporting the result back to Phabricator.



The harbormaster plugin allows us to trigger a build configuration within TeamCity as part of a harbormaster build plan.

To deploy simply copy the contents of the Harbormaster-Teamcity-Plugin folder in to src/extensions/ on the Phabricator instance and then restart the application. Currently there are only three files that need to be transfered: HarbormasterTeamCityBuildStepImplementation.php, PassphraseTokenKey.php & TeamCityXmlBuildBuilder.php.

The Harbormaster build trigger requires:

  1. TeamCity URI: The URL to your TeamCity instance
  2. TeamCity Build Configuration ID for the build differential revision changes should be applied
  3. TeamCity Credentials: A TeamCity REST API token to authenticate with the server stored within Phabricator's PassPhrase feature.

Harbormaster Build Step Configuration


The TeamCity plugin comprises of server and agent plugins for TeamCity. Together they collate the information sent from Harbormaster-Teamcity-Plugin and run Arcanist to pull in the changes from the associated Differential Revision.

To deploy, upload the Teamcity-Phabricator-Plugin-<version>.zip on TeamCity's plugin administration page.

This will install the Phabricator Plugin build feature that can be enabled per build configuration used for Differential Revisions.

Phabricator Build Feature

The plugin requires Harbormaster-Teamcity-Plugin to be installed on Phabricator and the following to be configured in the TeamCity build feature:

  1. Phabricator URL: The URL to your Phabricator instance
  2. Conduit Token: A Phabricator API token related to a user (should be a Bot user to follow best practices)
  3. Path to Arcanist on the build agents. (In future we will remove the hard-coded path and look on the path for arc)

Build Feature Properties



No building is needed for the harbormaster plugin just dev away and copy the files into the src/extensions folder with your Phabricator instance.


You will need to move in to the Teamcity-Phabricator-Plugin/ folder:

  • To build the plugins (server and agent) just run: mvn clean compile package

By default the TeamCity plugin is equipped with teamcity-sdk-maven-plugin which allows for developing against a local instance of TeamCity with debugging capabilities. See their documentation for how to use: https://github.com/JetBrains/teamcity-sdk-maven-plugin

Future Development:

  • Look for Arcanist on the path rather than hard-coding it.
  • Report back unit tests


The inspiration for the plugin is from https://github.com/halfmatthalfcat/TeamCity-Phabricator-Plugin which is no longer maintained. We have reused the Harbormaster files from the original authors repository.

A collection of useful links that help when diving into TeamCity plugin development: