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set -e
: <<inline_doc
desc: Copy files from one dir to another dir using tar
usage: do_copy_files $PRUNEPATH $ROOT_DIR $DEST_DIR
input vars: $1 list of dirs that must be skipped by tar
$2 the root dir of the files that will be copied
$3 the dir where the copied files will be placed
externals: --
modifies: --
returns: --
on error:
on success:
echo -en "\nCopying system files to $3 ..."
# Create a file that we can pass to tar as an "exclude list".
# There might be an easier way to achieve tar exclusions? Strip
# the leading /.
for F in $1 ; do
echo .${F} >> $TMP_FILE
mkdir -p $3
cd $2
tar -X $TMP_FILE -cf - . | tar -C $3 -xf -
# Clear out the temporary file
rm -f ${TMP_FILE}
echo "done."