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# Acknowledgment:
# The following code is a modified version of an original work written by
# Greg Schafer for the "DIY Linux" project and is included here with his
# permission.
# ref:
set -e
: <<inline_doc
desc: prepare current iteration files for ICA report
usage: do_ica_prep $DEST_ICA/$ITERATION
input vars: $1 directory where files from current iteration are stored
externals: --
modifies: --
returns: --
on error:
on success:
# Run ica_prep if it hasn't been done already
if [ ! -f "$CMP_DIR/icaprep" ]; then
echo -en "\nRemoving symbolic links in ${CMP_DIR}... "
find $CMP_DIR -type l | xargs rm -f
echo "done."
echo -n "Gunzipping \".gz\" files in ${CMP_DIR}... "
find $CMP_DIR -name '*.gz' | xargs gunzip
echo "done."
#echo -n "Bunzipping \".bz2\" files in ${CMP_DIR}... "
#find $CMP_DIR -name '*.bz2' | xargs bunzip2
#echo "done."
# ar archives contain date & time stamp info that causes us
# grief when trying to find differences. Here we perform some
# hackery to allow easy diffing. Essentially, replace each
# archive with a dir of the same name and extract the object
# files from the archive into this dir. Despite their names,
# libm.a & libmcheck.a are not actual ar archives.
echo -n "Extracting object files from \".a\" files in ${CMP_DIR}... "
L=$(find $CMP_DIR -name '*.a' ! -name 'libm.a' ! -name 'libmcheck.a')
for F in $L; do
mv $F ${F}.XX
mkdir $F
cd $F
ar x ../${BN}.XX || {
echo -e "\nError: ar archive extraction failed!\n" >&2
exit 1
rm -f ../${BN}.XX
echo "done."
echo -n "Stripping (debug) symbols from \".o\" files in ${CMP_DIR}... "
find $CMP_DIR -name '*.o' | xargs strip -p -g 2>/dev/null
echo "done."
echo -n "Stripping (all) symbols from files OTHER THAN \".o\" files in ${CMP_DIR}... "
find $CMP_DIR ! -name '*.o' | xargs strip -p 2>/dev/null || :
echo "done."
# We're all done
echo -en "\nSuccess: ICA preparation for "
echo -e "${CMP_DIR} complete."
touch $CMP_DIR/icaprep
echo -e "\n$CMP_DIR was already processed\n"